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Contactless ordering never looked so good

MetCode is the sophisticated choice that provides uniformity and class to the QR game. 

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Unlock the full potential of QR with MetCode.

Enjoy the MetCode experience. An easy-to-use system that’s so seamless it will have your customers using it again and again just to experience the journey.

The MetCode System

MetCodes full system provides order from device services for customers combined with a durable & aesthetic QR code.

Our App

Simple yet powerful. The MetCode app makes the ordering experience flawless assisting in increasing your customers average order value by minimum 20%.

Control & Understand

Harness a greater understanding of what is happening at your venue through data. With contact tracing data, marketing data and menu & catalogue alteration capabilities, fulfill your customers wants and needs with ease.

Our Plaque

With the ability to be utilized within any industry, the opportunities are unlimited with your MetCode plaque. With anti-viral coatings and over a dozen colours to choose it is completely customisable to your desires.
The Metcode Difference

Faster, Safer Ordering

Your customer’s experience with your venue starts with MetCode. Make their experience unparalleled with faster, safer ordering. With your entire menu at the fingertips of your customers, you remove the unpleasantries of dining, like getting pushed and pulled whilst waiting in line at the pub or playing awkward charades with your waiter across a packed venue trying to gain their attention.

Simplified Venue Management

Let MetCode free up your headspace. Our simplified venue management means past and present orders of customers are made readily available and menu items can be altered with ease. Our venue dashboard allows you to visually interpret your customer data.

Easy to use

Customer Friendly

Clever Features

Your Unique plaque

Not your average QR code

Not all QR codes are built equal. MetCode isn’t your average QR code, our revolutionary design and manufacturing procedure is changing the way QR codes are displayed forever. The longevity of our plaques has been tried and tested, once installed you will never have to worry about them again.

Looking to generate a QR Code for your business?

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Different Colours & Sizes

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral Coating

Durable & Long Lasting


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