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Introducing Metcode,
the intelligent contactless menu app

The dining experience is being revolutionised, don’t let your venue get left behind.

Keep up with the changing times by integrating our intelligent contactless menu app into your venue. 

Be in control as you tailor the app to the needs of your venue. Effectively manage incoming orders, give your customers exactly what they want to see by putting your most popular items at the forefront and make immediate changes through our venue dashboard features.

From the minute your customers sit down and check in to your venue their experience with your venue begins. Customers need to simply, scan, order and pay from their mobile devices.

The Smartest Contactless Menu

Control your venue

Amplify your business by receiving up-to-date, live information on all your orders. Track and see your busiest periods and use this information to determine the best time for happy hour, or discounted food nights that will assist in bringing in new business.

Visual Menu

Show off your delicious menu through our beautifully curated digital menu. Easy to use so that there are no hurdles between you and your customers getting to enjoy their food! 

App Highlight 3

Get a live order display through your POS system. Staff will know exactly which customer has ordered what items with table numbers and customer names provided on each order. **

Smart Integrations



If your POS system connects with Doshii (most POS terminals do), then we can integrate systems! This ensures there is no double-tapping, providing a seamless experience.

If your POS system isn’t connected to Doshii, never fear we can still integrate other systems, give us a call to integrate today.



The ever-reliable and globally acclaimed Stripe will be used for all payments with MetCode.

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