The Metcode Plaque

Unique Anti-Viral Coating

MetCode’s plaques have been amazing through COVID as we’ve been able to place them on our tables in an outdoor setting and leave them there for months. They’re still in perfect condition after all this time.

– Spread Eagle Hotel

Couldn’t be happier with the plaques that MetCode have provided us. They are classy and timeless and we haven’t had to worry about them since they installed them.

– Laikon Deli

Multi-Purpose Usage

MetCode doesn’t only specify in providing amazing services for the hospitality industry. We can service hotels, universities, national parks and more. Our plaques come in any shape or size and can be custom designed to fit your desired aesthetics. 


Environmental Benefits

MetCode are removing the need for repeated use of paper to print out QR Codes. Once our plaques are installed, there won’t be any need to change them. 

Our specific process to making these plaques has no envrionmental wastage. 

Better Than The Rest


Our plaques can be custom designed to fit the interior of your venue. We have the ability to mould our plates to pre-existing designs, due to our vast array of colours and finishes.


Each Australian consumes on average 230kg of paper products per year. We’re aiming to reduce this number by providing business’ and individuals with long lasting, metal based plaques to replace their paper alternatives.


Our plaques are made through a procees that makes them extremely corrosive resistant. Staff will no longer need to constantly replace your paper or laminated QR Codes. A simple wipe down and the scene is set perfectly for your next patron.


Around the globe, scammers are replacing paper QR Codes with corrupted codes and hacking into users phones. Our metal plates completely eliminate this risk.




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