The new era of contactless menus

COVID-19 has introduced the need for contact tracing on a global scale. Our system prompts customers to complete a contact tracing form before they can view the menu. This ensures we are all adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.

Safe, Secure & Simple

Our teams proactive approach alleviates security pressures. No need to stress about you or your customers data being stolen.

Contact Tracing Made Easy

Customers have the ability to sign in with either Google, Facebook or Apple, making this process quick and easy so they can enjoy their time at your venue.


Rapid Contact Tracing Check-in

Use Social Profiles

Use Google, Facebook and Apple profiles to speed up the sign-in process.


Customer contact tracing data will automatically delete from your customer list after 60 days.

Privacy Assured

Our secure system will ensure all contact tracing information is safe and secured.


Easily access your contact tracing data through your venue dashboard.

Marketing Opt-in

Our app gives customers the opportunity to opt-in for marketing. Use this to your venues advantage. Increase your reach with the community, realign yourself with customers and use this data to promote yourself.

Customer Satisfaction

The quick and easy to use check-in has left customers thrilled.

Frictionless Check-in

Check in can be done within 3 clicks of a button.

Increase sales

Harness your clients information to bring them back to your venue.

Secure Contact Tracing

Your customers information will be safely secured with our secure cloud-based data partner.

On-Time & Multi Check-in

Receive the exact time and date of each customers check in, and who they were with.

remember me feature

Our system remembers customers who have logged in for up to an hour!


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